When was the last time you spoke with your brand?
The one thing most entrepreneurs are missing is a brand so strong you could imagine it sitting next to you in a meeting.
While we use the words branding, marketing, customer journey and strategy all day long, most of us are not even scratching the surface of the potential our brands hold.
It is time we build our brands in a new way, not just as a logo, but a character we can talk to, work with. A good brand will turn your marketing efforts into
Branding to Marketing and the Journey in Between is a unique workshop that will forever change the way you interact with your brand, team and customers.

Who is your company? Discover your brand character, including what language it uses to communicate and what its core values really are.
How a strong brand can help you make better decisions
What is it you actually do? Build a landing page with clear, effective messaging.
Customer journey
Are you speaking to your customers correctly? Turn every step of the journey into a positive experience that reflects the essence of your brand.
Marketing it all
What is your plan to share your brand with the world? Take the time to strategize and learn how to create and spread the content your brand deserves.

What can you expect from the workshop
Create a life-like, 3D personality for your brand
Refine your messaging to match your brand
Rethink every step of your customer journey to create the most authentic experience
Build the right marketing strategy for your brand
Learn to create content that will project your brand voice to the world

The complete guideline to creating your next marketing plan, your core values and

This workshop was designed for professionals who want to build long lasting businesses, maximize budgets and enjoy stronger brands with a better customer following. You will gain the knowledge and understanding of how to repeat this process by yourself and with your team for constant growth.Length: 4 hours

About Nir Zavaro
A true salesman at heart, Nir has turned his love for marketing, writing and teaching into an art, and his life’s work.
Nir has visited and spoken in over 30 countries and individually helped hundreds of entrepreneurs through his unique way of thinking, ideas and methods. His outsourced marketing agency, Streetwise, is currently celebrating its 12th anniversary of success.
Nir’s upcoming book, “F*ck the Slides”, and his new company, Zavaroness, are focused on helping entrepreneurs tell their stories and create a winning pitch.

More about Nir at https://nirzavaro.com.


No-Show Fee: The number of places is limited. So if you cancel your participation in less than 48 hours cancellation fee of £100 is applied.

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