David Carry

Three-time Olympian David Carry has been a member of the British Swimming Board since joining in February 2018. 

Carry competed for TeamGB at the Athens, Beijing and London Olympic Games, retiring shortly after the 2012 Games. Before that, he had previously represented Scotland at three consecutive Commonwealth Games, winning Men's 400m Freestyle and 400m Medley gold at Melbourne 2006. 

After ending his competitive swimming career, Aberdeen-born Carry took his pool experience into the boardroom as co-founder of two businesses: Track Record, an international leadership coaching business, and Triscape, a swim coaching business set up with his wife, Keri-Anne Payne, which inspires people into the open water. 

He was appointed to the Scottish Swimming Board in 2013, stepping down from that role to take up his current position on the board for British Swimming. 

On taking up the position, he said: "During my four years at Scottish Swimming, I was involved in several projects that I'm particularly proud of, including improvements to performance centres and developing a strong commercial partnership with Scottish Water.

"As an ambassador for Glasgow 2018, I am looking forward to working towards Birmingham 2022 in what is an undoubtedly exciting time for aquatics."

Also keen to do a double act with my business partner, Katherine Ready, she was also heavily involved at the Olympics as head of sports science and medicine for Team GB Canoeing. 

We’re thinking we could do an interactive session on “Using stress as a performance advantage” and run some live biometric measurement to bring it to life.

We’d also like to offer a stress tracker after the session either for them as individuals or to scan their team to ensure they are able to bring the learnings to life.


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