Industrial designers aspire to create designs of products that have use for society. They want to solve a problem. What they do not necessarily envision, is that, for the world to see their product, they might have to get their hands dirty and build a business.

We will be talking to two industrial designers, who graduated from the Royal College of Art in London 12 years ago, who both won the James Dyson Design Award, and like Sir James himself, had to build a business to see their life-saving dream products in the market. They now share an industrial estate in West London, both in the process of scaling their businesses.

We will listen to their experiences, expectations and learnings from the early days to the current state of play. We will have only 10 places in their Board room for them to share their experience and for you to get a 2-in-1 tour of their manufacturing shop floor at the end of the talk. We will stream the event through Zoom for those who cannot join in person given the limited availability.

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