Most presentations suck. We can only blame the slides, bad slides, F*ck The Slides.

Take away our slides and we are left with nothing, but the show must go on.
Then we discover:
We are the show. We tell the story.
We are the presenters, When we pitch, we are the presentation.

But where do we start?
How do we create a good hook?
What is a good story?

F*ck the Slides - That is the title of Nir’s upcoming book, in which he teaches how to collect, create and measure your pitch. Yes, KPIs for storytelling.

It’s a new, disruptive way of looking at the soft skill of storytelling, unmasking the secrets of this artform and giving you the
methodology to create compelling stories, over and over.
During the keynote or workshop, we will explore the process, what is needed, why everyone can be better than they are today and how to create a compelling trailer pitch.
This methodology can be implemented in every aspect of your life — with your team, your spouse and friends.

What to expect
Why everything we have done so far should change
A new way of looking at things
A 4-step methodology to creating your trailer pitch
KPI’s for stories
Everything else you might need to become better

Nir Zavaro is an Israeli entrepreneur, author and speaker.
After a career in sales and marketing serving in various roles, in 2011 Nir founded Streetwise – Creative Sales Agency, specializing in outsourced marketing services.
For over a decade, Nir has written two novels, spoken in over 30 countries and helped major brands with their marketing, branding and storytelling.
In 2018, he toured 19 European cities in one month, talking about storytelling.
He serves as a mentor at several accelerators, where he helps companies improve their stories, brand messaging, pitch decks and marketing tactics.
Since 2014, he has been a resident lecturer at leading universities and colleges where he teaches marketing, brand management and new venture creation courses.
Nir serves on the European Regional Council of EO, the Entrepreneurs' Organization (with over 18,000 members in over
211 cities around the world) where he leads the Media House project and is host of the Europreneur Podcast.
His first management book is due to be released this year titled ‘F*ck the Slides" turning your presentation into a story worth listening to.


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