Culture has never been more important. From the great resignation to the malaise of employee disengagement, retaining, hiring and leading with a conscious culture mindset is crucial in 2022 and the years to come. Deepen the loyalty, fulfillment and performance of your team and company with three easy fixes for the hardest thing in business.

Lead your team to love where they work, who they work with and also to appreciate the purpose of their work. Investing in culture yields the highest of all returns for the lowest investment and is fun!

- Understand the difference between core values and a valued culture

- Learn how to create the perfect CoreChart™ consisting of values, behaviors and purpose

- Know how to hire and unhire for cultural alignment

- Perfect using a scoring system to measure candidates and rank employees, teams and even customers

- Teach your team to use values to make decisions the way you would and help them step into difficult conversations

About William Scott:
Author of The Culture Fix and founder of The Culture Fix Academy, Will has helped hundreds of businesses fulfill their corporate culture dreams. He leads workshops and speaks regularly using his Alive, Thrive & Drive methodology and is host of The Culture Fix podcast. His 25 year span as an entrepreneur includes five start ups, 2 exits and several Inc. 5000 appearances before focussing on Culture Fulfillment™ using his proprietary 9 deeds in 90 days. In 15 years as a member of EO Will has held several board positions and is currently President of EO Wisconsin. He is a yoga devotee, avid traveller and loves everything outdoors!

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