Fasting and a conscious diet was once the exclusive territory of religious practices and local availability, think Ramadan and Kosher. However, now there is Paleo, Keto, Vegan and several proposed fasting routines and supplements. Some seek to replicate the past, like a "back to roots" Paleo diet, others are looking ahead as a Keto "biohacking" performance and wellbeing enhancement.

Come and join us at the swanky new health club at Lanserhof, where we will introduce a panel with thought leaders in distinct, but overlapping specialities, including an EO member, to discuss where their principles and views on diets, fasting and supplements are aligned and where they are not.

Is there common ground on all the approaches brought forward by the market? Is there a consensus on what doesn't work as opposed to what does work? Do they have similar origins and objectives?

Our panelists will be:
- Dr Ursula Levine, who regularly writes and broadcasts on fasting and supplementation for health, preventive medicine, trauma, medical stress management, and weight control

- Hamish Grierson, CEO of proactive health company, Thriva, which he set up in 2016 with co-founders, Eliot Brooks and Tom Livesey.

- Damien Blenkinsopp, owner of Ketosource, which develops solutions in data-driven nutrition (specifically fasting & ketogenic diets)


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