We have all heard of psychometric tests and we may all have done them ourselves. For most of us it is just a curiosity or worse, a way to justify ones action. However, there are many of us who will only hire and manage our teams with a psychometric profile of candidates and members at hand. They see it as a critical tool to improve team productivity and solve the conflict. For those of us who are not sold on this idea, or who are curious about how this is possible, this session is for you.

We will bring a panel of three to discuss how they run their businesses and/or offer their services with a strong reliance on psychometric tests. They will not necessarily use the same tools or use them for the same purpose. We will learn what do they have in common and what they don't.

Our panelists will be:

- Sid Jashnani (EO London) a business consultant who uses psychometric tests for customers and his own business.

 - Rob Scott a consultant who uses psychometric tests for hiring, assessing businesses and their teams.

 - David Nielssen (EO Seattle) who runs his business 100% remotely since COVID hit and has implemented psychometric tests as a means to make it work.

As with some previous sessions which have worked really well, we will try to make this session as interactive as possible, with plenty of time for those participating to ask questions or to share their own experience. This is in the best of EO spirit: learning through peer experience.

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