Yet another incredible benefit included in our membership.

Sign up to get best in class leadership training. The perks:

  1. Spend a day in a forum environment learning from your peers.
  2. Connect and meet other EO London members that might have that one experience-share that changes how you think about an opportunity or challenge that you're currently facing.
  3. Set aside a day and invest in yourself - we will help you become more self-aware and work on your EQ so you show up as the best leader possible.
  4. Understand more about your current leadership style and what you want to focus and improve upon.
  5. Access your ROTI (Return on Time Invested) into your forum, understanding how you can help to make it a better experience for all of your forum members. Plus, ensure you are using the updated terminology/ understand why it changed.
  6. Learn and gain insights into how to become a better facilitator – and in turn increase your ability to guide your company leadership team.
  7. Explore the different strategies and content planning for the forum’s annual planning cycle and how it relates to your business planning cycle.
  8. Access Julia L - an exceptional resource(!) - for free.

This training also results in a moderator qualification, so when the time comes you can step up to the moderator role.  

Who may attend: EO Members, KLF, Spouses (who was FTP trained)


The Chapter organizes all events in advance to ensure the highest quality service and proper arrangements, including venue bookings and catering. To facilitate this process, it is essential to have an accurate count of participants, as seating is limited.

Should you need to cancel your participation, kindly notify the Chapter Manager via email or WhatsApp message no later than 72 hours before the event. Failure to do so will result in a cancellation fee of £100 + VAT.


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