To founders, who often are the CEO of their business, the task of constituting a board is often a low priority in the early years of a company's life. However, studies clearly show: Assembling a strong, talented and experienced board will allow you to hire better, execute faster and feel less stress overall. In practice though, putting a board together, that is both relevant and effective, is not a simple task.

Should you always have a Non-Exec Director on your Board? This will be a total experience share event in good EO fashion. We will have 2 EO members, Troy Barratt and Elliot Jacobs (and one of their Non-execs, Mike Blenkinsop) telling us of their experience having a NED on their Board or of their experience being a NED in someone else's Board. For good measure, we will also have David Quastel, lawyer and EO member to share where things can go wrong in NED and Boards. In this discussion, we will be able to learn the pros and cons of having a NED and the pitfalls to avoid if you intend to bring one in.

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