An in-person afternoon dedicated to LEADS & SALES, with a lot of value to B2C and B2B businesses. The two themes of the afternoon will be.

1. Get quality leads through slick automation of the customer experience. 

2. How to hire the right salesperson for your business, customer and industry. 

Both topics contain elements of interactivity where you will be able to apply the concepts to your own business and leave with solid takeaways from the day. 

This event is born out of the positive experiences some EO members have had with both Jon Penn and Morne' Smit, and this is an opportunity to expand this learning experience across the chapter. 

Unless you are a sales Jedi, this is not an event to miss. If you can't make it, you may want to send your second in command!


13:15: Arrival
13.30: Intro to the afternoon (William)
13.50: Automating the qualification of leads while improving the customer experience (Jon Penn)
14.20: Workshop qualifying leads for your business (Jon Penn)
15:00: Coffee break
15.15: Hiring the right salesperson (Morne' Smit)
16:15: Workshop hiring your salesperson (Morne Smit)
17:15: Wrap-up and drinks

The capacity is 30 attendees, so book your place now to avoid disappointment.

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