Ryan Stramrood 

Ryan has undertaken some of the world’s toughest and most deadly swimming challenges, pioneered others and has become a master of mindset, setting the bar of human endurance a notch higher often in the most hostile environments.

He has a unique connection with the ocean. One that has seen him through many tough ocean swims and interactions with its wildlife and has been taught many tough lessons along the way. Ryan now travels the world sharing his stories of interactions with the ocean, with her icy waters and the unique lessons she has taught about the human mind.

Ryan’s keynotes take the shape of breath-taking, fascinating stories crafted to evoke unadulterated inspiration and emotion. As a brilliant story teller, his sessions deliver unique insight into the power of our minds, our behaviours, our reactions and our abilities in the difficult environments (of all natures). A master of drawing parallels between the extreme wild, the entrepreneurial and corporate spaces, the session will be impactful, relatable and tailored specifically for the audience and event theme.

Ryan uses his swimming challenges set in Siberia, Antarctica, Arctic Circle, Bering Sea, the Great White feeding ground of False Bay and other to demonstrate how this works, how it is DIRECTLY applicable to each and every one of us in our careers and how an awareness of the processes happening can significantly change our lives. Visuals and video bring great richness and reality to the experience.



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12 30 - 13 30 Gathering, Lunch
13 30 - 16 30 Ryan Stramrood 
16 30 - 17 00 Drink, Leaving

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