Interactive 90-min Webinar led by 25-year veteran and serial Chinapreneur, Rich Robinson: China's rise over the last 40 years has occurred at breakneck speed lifting hundreds of millions out of poverty resulting in nearly 70% of the population in poverty in the '80s to now less than 1%.

We'll quickly explore China's rapid economic development over the past four decades to set the tone for the true emphasis of this talk - the speed and pace of innovation cycles now taking place positioning China as an innovative force to watch now and in the coming decades. As Elon Musk said: “Pace of innovation is all the matters in the long run.”

This talk is not a breathless, gee-whiz, up-and-to-the-right rally on China's rise and where it stands right now in terms of its speed of innovation cycles. Rather, it's a frank exploration of the pros and cons of China's pace and pulse of change and what is noteworthy about the rapid innovation cycles so that other countries, companies, and entrepreneurs can leverage these learnings and best compete.

Why participate? To learn from China's best practices and each other how to improve and speed up the pace of innovation at participants’ companies.

Rich Robinson is deep into his third decade in Asia where he spent nearly 25 years as a serial entrepreneur, investor and advisor in Beijing - the startup capital not only of China but he would contend of Asia. Rich was previously with 8 successive startups as a co-founder or senior exec, and with dozens of others as an investor, board member, advisor or mentor (HAX, Chinaccelerator & 500). He is the co-founder of the Beijing Chapter of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO). Rich also teaches at China's top two universities: at Peking University's Guanghua Int'l MBA program he is a clinical professor teaching Entrepreneurship in China and at Tsinghua University's BI-Tsinghua joint program teaching 'pracademics’ (practical academics) to senior Chinese execs.

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