Our chapter's annual Town Hall meeting will be taking place on the 27th of  May. Come along to take in the city's finest view and enjoy alfresco drinking and canapes, against the backdrop of London's iconic skyline.
We are delighted to invite you to welcome the new EO London board and hear from Antony Tinker, Transformational Mentor, and Inspirational Team Facilitator.

Antony started his career in the Pharmaceutical industry where, over two decades, he developed a very strong reputation as a turnaround agent.  His passion for leadership and teams led him to an entrepreneurial life 15 years ago, where he realised his purpose was to Inspire others to Greatness.

8 years ago he founded iTS Leadership with the sole remit to help leaders grow Profit and Smiles; great commercial success driven by genuine cultural well-being and connection.

Today iTS Leadership mentor business leaders and across the globe, and develop and deliver team interventions for their teams.
In this talk, Antony will give us an insight into the three strategic priorities, with some very practical ideas, that they focus on with these teams and leaders to get them Unstuck! …and then inspire them to success beyond their imagination:

Me – personal leadership.  How to be the best that I can be

US – team leadership.  How to build a team based on a foundation of trust

IT – strategic leadership.  How to create great focus and direction to unleash the power of the team

Leadership, he believes, is more an attitude and mindset, rather than an organizational or structural position.  So, whether you are leading a team of people, leading projects or simply leading yourself, this is for you.

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