8 lessons from EO business leaders

Written by Entrepreneurs' Organization  |  17, December, 2018  |  0 Comments

In the spirit of experience shares and in keeping with the EO Value - “Thirst for Learning” we asked EO Members to share with us what they would take away into 2019 from “Two thousand and great-een”. Here are their thoughts!

  1. My best insight has been doing my daily list of 3 things I am grateful for (from one of the EO retreats). I feel more balanced since doing it. I email it to myself daily each morning from the previous 24 hours.
    Rob Croydon
  2. The first event I had with EO was life-changing. At forum training, I learnt the principles and benefits of gestalt communication. It has transformed how I interact with my team and my family.
    Chris Daniel
  3. Reading John Mullins’ book “The Customer Funded Business” on the recommendation of EO founder Verne Harnish. The ideas within fundamentally changed my cashflow and increased the value of my business in the eyes of investors by…millions!
    Richard Metcalfe
  4. Going to the Jack Daly event, some of the tactics and principles I learnt and put into practice immediately built a new sales training and process off the back of it, which led to the pipeline for our following quarter being the biggest we’ve ever had.
    Zoe Bedford
  5. My biggest takeaway is “eliminate, delegate or automate” from the Marcus Taylor talk. I love the concept and I’m trying to implement it every aspect of my life. The first thing to eliminate is people videoing me when I’m dancing at an EO party!
    Saab Jhooti
  6. One takeaway I got was from another member, who had the philosophy that “I never do anything that someone else could do.” It has informed/haunted me throughout the subsequent two months - especially when I'm doing things that literally anyone could do!
    Karl Banks
  7. My latest insight is that when dealing with staff or negotiations it is best to consider the business as a 3rd party you are serving, and refer to it as such, which takes away quite a lot of the ego and makes it all easier.
    John Busby
  8. As an EO board member I was able to be part of the London Chapter's Strategy Summit. We had a facilitator come in from Kenya who took us through the process of putting our plan together for the year. The process was incredible, we took the ideas of a dozen board members and came out of it with a coherent and exciting strategy that everyone was behind. I was able to use the process for a not-for-profit at which I'm a non-executive director.
    Chris Daniel


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