This document contains the rules of procedure by Act and is binding on all members and bodies of EO London UK, from here called the EO UK - London Chapter. The articles of EO UK - London Chapter and bylaws describe the roles and responsibilities of officials and bodies within the association. 

Only the Board of the EO UK - London Chapter shall have the power to change statutes and bylaws. To change the internal rules  a simple majority is sufficient. 


The organization consists of a Board and Chapter Manager with a board of directors and governance chair.

Our Vision:

To build the world's most influential community of entrepreneurs.

Our Mission:

Engage leading entrepreneurs to learn and grow.

Our Core Values:

Trust and Respect - We develop deep and lasting relationships based on personal integrity

Think Big, be Bold - We innovate, take risks, and make a difference. We face challenges and create positive change

Thirst for Learning - We pursue new ideas and perspectives

Together we Grow - We are inclusive and value diversity.  We share experiences and ee are committed to each other's development

EO Global Bylaws

It is the objective of the EO UK - London Chapter to comply with EO Global Bylaws and guidelines.

EO London Chapter Structure

Chapter Board
Governance Chair
Advisory Committee (Governance Chair + ex-presidents

General Purpose

The EO UK of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, the first hereinafter referred to as “EO UK” and the latter as “EO Global,” is directly affiliated with, and serves as an operating Chapter of EO Global. All Chapters agree to abide by all policies and procedures set forth by EO Global.

Specific Purposes

The specific purposes of EO UK have always been and remain:

(a) To operate exclusively for charitable, educational and scientific purposes. More specifically, EO UK is organized for the following purposes, including, without limitation:

(i) To provide educational programs, opportunities, resources and training to its members.

(ii) To share the mutual interests of improving the skills of the membership through access to educational programs, human and physical resources in support of their growing enterprises and participating with others that have similar drives, goals and experiences.

(iii) To engage leading entrepreneurs to learn and grow.


Non-Discrimination Policy

  1. Anti-Discrimination Policy: EO strictly prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, religion, disability, caste, genetic information, marital status, citizenship status, veteran status, or on any other characteristic protected by law. EO Members have, moreover, pledged to conduct themselves in a professional manner in accordance with the EO Code of Conduct.
  2. Anti-Harassment Policy: Harassment is not tolerated within EO and is specifically forbidden by the Code of Conduct:
    • Offensive and unwelcome sexual invitations, whether or not the person submits to the invitation;
    • Threats or insinuations which lead the victim to reasonably believe that granting or denying sexual favors will affect his or her reputation, potential to become a Member Leader or adversely affect his or her membership or employment in any way;
    • Offensive and unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature, including sexually-graphic comments or stories which are not legitimately related to the goals of EO;
    • Repeatedly using sexually degrading words or sounds to describe a person;
    • Offensive comments transmitted by e-mail or another messaging media;
    • Unwelcome and unnecessary physical contact of a sexual nature, including touching, patting another person’s body, hugging, touching or display of one's own body, or any similar contact.
    • Any form of harassment which violates law, including but not limited to harassment related to race, color, national origin, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, religion, disability, caste, genetic information, marital status, citizenship status, veteran status, or any other protected characteristic is a violation of this policy.  The term “harassment” includes slurs and other offensive jokes, other verbal, graphic or physical conduct.


EO Global´s Policies and Procedures:

It is mandatory for EO UK and its Members to comply and respect EO Global´s Policies and Procedures, developed by the Board of EO Global to assist local Chapters and Members in interpreting and applying the Code of Conduct, Bylaws and guiding principles for the Organization. The Policies and Procedures are implemented as the standard by which Members and local Chapters should conduct themselves.

3. Membership

EO Global shall have one class of members (“Member(s)”). EO Global shall establish and modify the membership and qualification guidelines from time-to-time. Those guidelines, as well as the provisions dealing with membership rights, privileges, duties, discipline and termination, are set forth in the Membership section of EO Global's Policies and Procedures. EO UK will work in accordance with EO Global’s criteria for Membership as set forth in EO Global’s Charter Documents, which includes its Policies and Procedures. EO Global shall set annual membership dues, including methods and procedures for payment, in accordance with the Dues and Fees section of EO Global’s Policies and Procedures. Chapters shall set their local dues for the membership.  Members are governed under both Global and Local By-Laws.

Membership Criteria

Membership in the Entrepreneurs' Organization is by invitation only. To qualify, you must:

  • Be the founder, co-founder, owner or controlling shareholder of a company.
  • Be the founder and hold one of the above titles for a company that grosses more than US$1 million annually
  • For venture-backed companies to qualify for membership they must have privately raised funds of US$2M or publicly raised funds of US$5M, and 10 full-time employees. Venture backed companies have three years before they must meet the standard qualification of US$1M in gross annual revenue.


Accelerator Criteria

To qualify for the Accelerator program you must:

  • Be the owner or founder of an operating business with gross yearly revenues between minimum of US$250,000 up to US$1 million which has the potential to scale and not simply a lifestyle business.
  • Realistic plan of how to scale to 1 mil USD in turnover in two/three years 
  • Minimum of 3 full time employees

To apply for admission to the Accelerator program, you must:

  • Complete an application and verify sales criteria
  • Meet with the local Entrepreneurs’ Organization liaison

Only qualified applicants will be considered.

Qualification does not ensure admission into the program.

All applicants are subject to approval by the Entrepreneurs’ Organization.

Application and Local Chapter Approval

If EO Global approves the member, they will update the EO web site (https://members.eonetwork.org) to reflect the candidate status as “Member”. A candidate is not formally considered a member until this step is completed. EO Global will send the new member a Welcome Email.

EO seeks members with enough common values to enable each member to consider himself or herself to be among peers, and with enough diversity to contribute different experiences and perspectives. This blend of characteristics and life experiences will enhance the opportunities for each individual to develop greater wisdom in both business and personal matters. The EO UK - London chapter follows the guidelines for membership articulated by EO Global. There shall be only one class of member.
Members are invited to join and renew, at the discretion of the EO UK London board. The Board of Directors ratifies membership, by majority vote.

New categories of membership are:

At Large

To be eligible for this new membership classification, a member must either have:

On Leave

Members in certain circumstances may apply for something called an “on-leave membership”. This is for members of good standing and for period of 6-24 months in the following circumstances:

  • Pregnancy/Parental leave (including birth of child, adoption of child)
  • Long-term illness or sickness
  • Back to school (study leave)
  • Business implosion (eg, 25% decrease in turnover or other exceptional business circumstances)
  • Regional political turmoil or instability
  • Economic recession
  • Natural disaster
  • Military leave

On Leave status is subject to chapter and global approval.

Full details on on-leave membership can be found  here: https://www.eonetwork.org/member/resources/on-leave-membership

For both new categories of memberships, access to WhatsApp groups is possible with board approval provided the member is UK-based.

Members who have Sold Businesses: (New Membership Category)

  • Members who have been fully qualified EO members in good standing (not under grace period) for 2 full calendar years and have had a “successful exit” can remain members for 5 more years. A successful exit is defined as $8 million USD.
  • If, within that time, “they have started a new business” they are allowed to stay on after the 5 years are over. The new business is not required to meet a minimum revenue qualification.
  • Members who have sold their businesses for less than $8 million USD may remain in EO at their Chapter Board’s discretion, with a three-quarter Chapter Board vote, reviewed annually, subject to Global Board approval.

Non-Profit Entrepreneurs: (New Membership Category)

  • Must be the founder, co-founder, owner or controlling shareholder of an organization with an annual operating budget of more than US$1M (funding sources could include dues, sales, grants, and private donations) and at least 10 full-time employees.
  • Before being processed for membership, the chapter manager and EO's Global Membership Director must be emailed this is a non-profit member for proper tracking.


Dues and Fees

Each new member pays global and local itnitiation fees while joining EO. 

Annual fees are calculated based on the month in which a new member joins. Keep in mind that new members joining in Q4 (1 April to 30 June) will pay their renewal dues at the time of joining.

Existing members pay annual dues consisting of EO Global dues and local UK - London Chapter dues.

Annual Global and Local Chapter dues are invoiced together and collected by EO-UK. Invoices are mailed in May/June each year and are to be paid by 15th of June. Payment can be made via credit card to EO-UK.

The EO’s dues, initiation fees, and other similar charges shall be established in a manner approved by EO Global´s Board and complied with by EO UK and its Members.

All members shall comply with the Dues Policy set by the Organization, both at the Global and local chapter level, to become and remain a Member in Good Standing. Only Members in Good Standing are eligible for membership in the Organization.


Membership in EO is based on a fiscal year commencing July 1. 

Before June 15th of the current fiscal year members may renew their membership with EO by complying with EO’s membership criteria, and being a Member in Good Standing with both EO Global and the local chapter. If an existing EO Member in Good Standing fails to meet the membership criteria at the time of renewal, such member shall have a grace period of one year to meet the membership criteria, and may still renew his or her membership. If they have not re-qualified by June 30 of the grace period, they are not eligible to renew their membership in EO.

Renewal of membership 

The Finance Chair and Chapter Administrator take the following steps: 

1) Mid-May: Finance Chair and Chapter Administrator send the renewal invoice to all members, by email. Payment period is set at 14 days. Enclosed the announcement that July 1 the new fiscal year starts and that termination of membership should be sent before June 15 to the Finance chair and Chapter admin. 

2) After expiry of the term of payment, check payments and Finance Chair makes an inventory of the EO members, Chapter Administrator and Finance Chair can send reminders. Repeating this process until everything is paid. Agreed with each other to sit tight on this process. 

3) Finance Chair ensures that all outstanding membership fees for all members are paid and to make a bulk wire transfer to EO Global before June 25, 

After June 30th  till July 30 - late renewal fees are applied by EO Global. After that period EO member is moved to alumni status and rejoining fees would be applied (50% of global and local initiation fees)

Termination of membership 

At termination, the following steps are taken: 
1) EO-member sends written or e-mail his/her cancellation to the Finance Chair and Chapter Administrator, in conduct of the period before June 15 – last date of cancellation – received by the Finance Chair and Chapter Administrator. 
2) Finance Chair and/or send EO Chapter Administrator-Member a confirmation of cancellation. 
3) Chapter Administrator informs Membership Chair and Forum Chair about the withdrawal. 
4) Non-payment of membership fee per 30 June means termination of EO membership, continuing keep in rejoining fee charged as prescribed by the regulations of EO Global. 

Rejoining Fees

For returning Alumni the rejoin fee is 50% of the initiation fees.

No-show fees

The Chapter organizes all events in advance to ensure the highest quality service and proper arrangements, including venue bookings and catering. To facilitate this process, it is essential to have an accurate count of participants, as seating is limited. Should you need to cancel your participation, kindly notify the Chapter Manager via email or WhatsApp message no later than 72 hours before the event. Failure to do so will result in a cancellation fee of £100 + VAT.

Other Fees

EO UK - London chapter reserves the right to attach an additional fee to the cost of certain Learning events, Social events or other optional-attendance events. These events are approved by the Board and invoiced by the UK - London chapter Finance Chair. These fees are payable in advance of the events. Any member that does not pay is in violation of the bylaws.

Each forum holds an annual retreat. Each member pays the costs associated with individually.

Periodic requalification

Every second year in June the board of the UK - London chapter shall conduct a process of “requalification” whereby all members seeking to renew membership shall submit proof of their qualification (both status as defined above and business financial condition), which may be a signed letter from their Chartered / Certified Accountant firm certifying the sales level of the business as well as their role and shareholding in the business.


New Member Integration

Withing two weeks after receiving full payment the Finance Chair transfers money to the global team and requests EO Global to confirm the membership of a new member.

Confirmation by EO-international of new Member after receiving the payment from chapter - 2 weeks 

Within a week of EO Global approval, Chapter Manager requests bio and photo from a new member, approves it with a new member and adds to WhatsApp groups introducing this member to others. Periodic Newsletters will announce all new members for the current quarter.

Within two weeks of EO Global approval, the Engagement Chair will contact the new member for an integration call.

Within two weeksfrom notification, the Forum Chair will contact the new member to arrange Forum training and begin discussion of forum integration. The Forum Training has to be passed by a new member within 60 days period after joining EO. A couple of options (in person or virtual) would be provided by Chapter Manager

Within 2 weeks after Forum Training a Forum Chair contacts a new member and introduces him to the Forum Moderator. As for those members who join Accelerators Program the term to be placed in Accountability Group is 60 days after Joining EO

Please Note objective is to complete the entire submission process no more than 3 months to complete, CA supported process. If the placement process longer than three months, is there a discount scheme for the membership fee of 35% in proportion to the number of months. 

Code of Conduct both in-person and online

EO is an international organization of leading entrepreneurs that provides exclusive and proprietary peer-to-peer and event-driven learning and networking experiences through global Member relationships and connections for individuals who qualify for membership. The integrity of our organization and the respect by and among our Members are paramount to our long-term success.

As such, confidentiality, courtesy and accountability are the cornerstones of the conduct we expect from our Members, our staff and all who interact with our organization.

These Standards of Conduct have been adopted to promote and maintain the highest values and best practices for EO Members worldwide, and adherence to these standards is expected from all EO Members and Chapters. EO UK, each EO Member, executive, staff, vendor and sponsor pledges to adhere to the Standards of Conduct sets forth in EO Global´s Policies and Procedures as well as the guidelines for the WhatsApp channel groups.

Online communication

Further to the code of conduct above, it is important to note that the use of the Forum Mindset protocol is vital to the vibrancy of our online channels. Any violations of the Forum Mindset protocol or code of conduct must be raised first with the member directly via a private message and also raised with the President or other board member or moderator of the chat group. It is also vital that any complaints about behaviour in the chat groups is not made public on the chat group, not discussions as to improvements to the guidelines made on the groups either. This is out of respect for the members of the chat group who are their to help with or request assistance and are not there to hear others opinion. Opinion is just that. Opinion. We are here to share or ask for experience exclusively. This is why a complaint in the group is non Forum Mindset as it is opinion and also shows a lack of respect for the experience of the person being complained about and for all the other people’s phones on which this opinion will be displayed.


The procedures for discipline are contained in EO Global´s Policies and Procedures and pertain to violations by a Member that extend beyond the Chapter of that Member. EO UK shall be charged with preparing and monitoring their own, individual, discipline policies. 
The EO Global Board shall have the rights and powers to interpret, apply and enforce the Code of Conduct, Bylaws, Policies and Procedures of EO, and impose such discipline as the Board, in its discretion, considers necessary and appropriate to further the principles, vision, mission and values of EO.

Removal of members

Disciplinary Actions, Suspension and Expulsion of a Member from EO Global.
EO Global may suspend or expel a Member of the Chapter and it may do so in it’s sole discretion, if the Member was involved, directly or indirectly, in the commission of 
(a) a felony or other crime involving moral turpitude or the commission of any other act or omission involving dishonesty, disloyalty, fraud or breach of fiduciary duty; 
(b) gross negligence in relation to any of the Bylaws or Policies and Procedures of EO Global or the Chapter; 
(c) willful or intentional misconduct in relation to any of the Bylaws or Policies and Procedures of EO Global or the Chapter; 
(d) a material violation in relation to any of the Bylaws or Policies and Procedures of EO Global or the Chapter; or 
(e) misuse of assets of EO Global or of any Chapter for personal profit. The Chapter shall, where required by virtue of its charter or applicable local law, take appropriate steps to give effect to the decision of EO Global.

Any potential violation by a Member of the Bylaws or Policies and Procedures of EO Global or the Chapter shall be brought to the attention of the President of the Chapter.

The President shall request an inquiry into the matter and present the case to the Chapter’s Board of Directors to determine the disciplinary actions to be taken, as reasonably necessary and appropriate to further the principles, vision, mission and values of EO in enforcing the Bylaws or Policies and Procedures of EO Global or the Chapter.  

If the Board of Directors of the Chapter, by a vote of two-thirds, considers that the violation merits the immediate suspension or expulsion of a Member, the President shall communicate this decision to the Chair of the Governance Committee of EO Global and provide a written summary of the situation and the relevant Chapter bylaws that support such action, the resolution of the Chapter Board and any supporting evidence of the violation in question.  The Governance Committee shall review the matter to confirm that the Chapter followed its due process and, if so, the Committee shall make a recommendation of expulsion or suspension to EO Global.

Confidential Policy

The EO Confidential Information, as defined in EO Global´s Policies and Procedures, is confidential information. Misuse of the EO Confidential Information is a violation of EO policy. Any unauthorised use, transcription, or copy of is strictly prohibited. The EO Confidential Information contained in EO network is for the use of current Members (with restrictions), consistent with the Code of Conduct, Bylaws, Policies and Procedures and principles of EO. EO strictly prohibits the distribution or dissemination of Information by any Member relating to any other Member or Members to any non-Member. 

EO may pursue all remedies available under the Amended Bylaws, Policies and Procedures or under law including, without limitation, the expulsion or termination of any violating Member from EO and from the Member’s Chapter. EO is strongly committed to protecting against the distribution or dissemination of Member Information to third parties. Directors, officers, employees and Members acting on EO’s behalf are responsible for protecting EO Confidential Information from unauthorized disclosure.

Data protection Policy

EO UK has a data protection policy which must be completed by all members.

Membership Directories

The membership directories for the local UK - London Chapter and EO Global are private and confidential. These lists must not be shared or made available to anyone outside of EO for any purpose. They are to be used exclusively by members for the sole purpose of contacting a fellow EO member, EO chapter, EO Global board member, or EO Global staff member. Any other use of the membership directories is cause for immediate expulsion from EO.

Forum Meetings

All conversation which occurs within a forum meeting is strictly confidential. Violation of this confidentiality is cause for immediate expulsion from EO.

Other Meetings and Events

Other EO meetings, learning events, and email postings are NOT considered confidential unless otherwise specifically agreed upon by the attendees at that time.

Solicitation Policy

EO Global´s Policies and Procedures Solicitation Policy encompasses five dimensions: (1) Third Party Solicitation, (2) Social Media, (3) Strategic Alliance Partners or Sponsors, (4) Natural Disasters and (5) Marketplace. Generally, EO prohibits any Solicitation by a Member to another Member or to a strategic alliance, partner or sponsor of EO or a Chapter except as provided in EO Global´s Solicitation Policy. For purposes of this Solicitation Policy, the word “Solicitation” means any direct or indirect contact that was not requested by the recipient in regards to the sale or marketing of a product or service, a donation, an investment or any other cause. Further, the conduct or actions of any non-Member are attributable to the Member that introduced the non-Member to EO or otherwise distributed information relating to EO to the non-Member, regardless of whether the distribution was intentional or inadvertent.


Forum is a fixed subgroup of theAssociation and comes together several times per year for discussion sessions according to the protocols as developed by EO-International.

All EO members are encouraged to join a local chapter forum. The forum experience is consistently rated as the highest benefit of EO by its members. 
By special agreement with the board, an “at-large” member may remain a member of EO and participate in other chapter activities without joining a local chapter forum.

Forum members are assigned to the forums by the Forum Chair with respect to potential business conflicts. If members of a forum recruit a new member to the chapter they may have this member join their forum.

Any forum with one or more non-paying, participating alumni members risks losing its EO sanction and shall be classed as a Rogue Forum. The Rogue Forum will be notified that one of its members has not paid and will be given 30 days to remedy the situation before a Board vote is taken to exclude the Rogue Forum from EO.

Any member registered for Forum or Moderator training who does not cancel with at least 72 hours notice will be charged a £200 re-booking fee. Spouses attending training in order to join a spousal forum will also be responsible for the full training fee.

To protect the integrity of the forum and enhance the forum experience for all members, all forums must follow the following guidelines:

  • All Forums should have a constitution that they write and adopt at the forum level. The forum chair can be helpful in this process.
  • EO members in competing businesses may not be in the same forum.
  • EO members who are married may not be in the same forum.
  • EO members in the same forum are discouraged from directly conducting business (exchange monies) or investing money with each other as this can detract from the ability of all forum members to be completely open with each other on all issues. Some forums may choose to adopt this recommendation in their forum constitution.

Learning Events

There are several categories of events: MyEO events, Learning events, Social events, Workshops and Cross-forum events.

  • Members must pay in advance for events.
  • If a member does not cancel 3 days before the event he registered for, the chapter will issue a cancellation fee of £100 + VAT. 
  • If members do not attend an event for which they have paid, no refund will be given.
  • Although membership dues and sponsor donations cover part of the costs for most events, there may be occasions where additional fees are required for an event.
  • Member candidates may attend only one event before the candidate must apply to join the organization.
  • Potential sponsors may attend only one event before they commit to sponsorship. The board may, at its own discretion, invite potential sponsors to host an event.
  • Spouses and guests may attend events that are specifically designated as such. Some events may allow additional guests for a fee.
  • Any exceptions to the above guidelines must be approved by the Board.

Learning Chair makes an annual planning for the events for a calendar year, so running from 1/7 till 31/6. This planning is presented in the annual report and the associated annual meeting prior to the planning year. The event calendar is at least half a year scheduled forward. The event calendar on EO website is supplemented by Chapter Administrator with relevant information as soon as it is known.

The Learning and Communication Chairs inform EO members through various channels about the scheduled events: 
1) EO Website – displays all relevant information per event on. 
2) Newsletter – the events calendar plus info per event is published in the monthly newsletter. 
3) Mail-Chapter Administrator sends by mail notices and reminders to all EO members.
4) Moderators - informed about the upcoming events by the Forum Chair. They are considered to inform their forum members during a forum session.

Evaluation events

Learning Chair is responsible for proper evaluation of each event. The view of the participants of the event about content and organization is a high priority. The evaluation is shared on the next Board meeting after the event. 

TownHall Event

TownHall Event is an annual meeting which is held in April-May where all the members are invited to discuss the following agenda: 
Presentation by sitting Directors: 

  • Presentation report last year 
  • General Research
  • Members 
  • Events 
  • Forum
  • Finance
  • Board elect years to come 
  • Presentation and approval of annual report 

Presentation by incoming Directors: 

  • new fiscal year budget presentation 
  • plans new Board 
  • objectives and plans for realization 
  • Members 
  • Events 
  • Forum 
  • Finance: new fiscal year budget presentation
  • annual planning events 
  • Q&A session


Board of Directors

EO UK shall have a board and clearly defined roles for each chair.  At least one board member is required to attend the EO Global Leadership Conference (GLC), the Chapter President is required to attend the annual President’s meeting. Accelerator members are also eligible for a chair position.

 Responsibilities Board as a whole 
• Strategy formation 
• Financial policy 
• Recruiting new members 
• Quality forum and events 
• Continuity of the Association and the Board

General Liability

EO UK may not act to bind EO Global or any other Chapter to any contract, debt, or commitment to lend money, except by separate, express written agreement.

The Board -Definition

The Board is the governing body for the EO UK - London Chapter. Board members are voting members and oversee the overall governance and success of the UK - London Chapter. The term of service begins on July 1 and concludes on June 30 of the following year. Board members meet monthly. 

Members of the Board are:
Forum Chair 
Strategic Alliance Chair 
Accelerator Chair 
Membership Chair 
Communications & Marketing Chair 
Membership Engagement Chair
Finance Chair 
Learning Chair
Governance Chair
Impact Chair
GSEA Chair
MyEO Chair

Any of the roles above could be removed or any extra roles can be added by the approval of a majority of the Board Members.

President: The President shall preside at all meetings of the Organization and shall have the power, under the instruction and subject to the approval of the Board, to contract on behalf of the Organization. The President shall guide the strategic planning process for the term of service and update the written EO UK - London Chapter Strategic Plan accordingly.
The President shall supervise the Board of Directors of the Organization and moderate all Board and Board of Directors meetings. In the event the President becomes unable to continue serving in their capacity, or in the event of an emergency requiring action by the President where the President cannot be located by any means, the following shall serve in the place of the President, in this order of succession, on a temporary basis, until either the President becomes available, or his or her term expires, whichever occurs first: President-Elect, Past President, Finance Chair, Membership Chair, Forum Chair, Learning Chair, Mentorship Chair, Communications Chair. If none of these Chairs are capable and available, the Board shall elect a new President, to serve until regular elections occur in accordance with the By-Laws of the UK - London Chapter.

Past President: The Past President shall advise the Board and the Board of Directors.

President Elect: The President Elect shall hold another role on the board as either a member of the Board or a champion in any of the areas defined. The President Elect shall prepare an annual strategic plan for the chapter.

Finance Chair: The Finance Chair shall monitor the financial well-being of the chapter and enforced any regulatory obligations, At the  direction of the Board,the Finance Chair can deposit funds receivable, provide monthly reports on income and expenditure and quarterly balance Sheet and Income Statements, maintain the Chapter’s current account, deposit account and USD account, submit the annual budget for Board approval, manage chapter funds according to the budget, and manage standard business issues (i.e. Legal, Insurance, Tax). Ensure the accountants of EO UK London Limited have the information to complete the VAT returns, Annual returns and year end accounts and any other statutory requirements of the incorporated body.

Membership Chair: The Membership Chair shall grow the EO UK - London Chapter according to the goals established by the Board of Directors. The growth of the EO UK - London Chapter will be derived from the retention of existing members as well as the recruitment of new members. The Membership Chair is responsible for ensuring that new members and existing members meet the requirements of EO membership as defined in Section IB, Eligibility. The Membership Chair may assemble a number of volunteers to assist with Membership responsibilities.

Forum Chair: The Forum Chair shall integrate new members into appropriate forum groups, arrange all Forum training classes, create new Forum groups as needed, and conduct quarterly moderator meetings. The Forum Chair is responsible for the general well-being of each Forum Group. The Forum Chair and the President shall visit each forum personally at least once each year.

Learning Chair: The Learning Chair shall create the schedule for events and social events, coordinate all events, and insure that every event occurs as planned and stays within budget. Coordinating an event includes: selecting the venue, recruiting speakers, planning food and beverages, announcing/promoting the event to members, furnishing nametags at the event, tracking attendance, and purchasing speaker gifts on behalf of EO. The Learning chair may assemble Day Chairs or volunteers to assist with Learning Chair responsibilities.

Communications Chair: The Communications Chair shall be the primary point person for the chapter’s communications. Their focus is two-fold: internal (chapter members) and external (beyond EO) communications.
The two main objectives are:

  1. Keeping the membership informed by serving as the voice of the chapter board. 
  2. Generating external awareness for your chapter and EO as a whole.

Mentorship Chair: The Mentorship continues to build on and improve the chapter’s connection to WPO or other local mentors. These mentoring matches provide fellow EO members with potentially life-changing opportunities to share their life and business challenges with a mentor who possesses the depth of experience to guide them to greater success and build long-term significance.

Strategic Alliances Chair: The SA Chair, is the primary point person for all chapter sponsors and aims to keep chapter members well informed about the latest sponsors and opportunities available. The goal is to stay connected throughout the year to other chapter Sponsorship Chairs, EO Global and EO members from chapters around the world and share sponsorship ideas and information. The primary responsibilities are to:

  • Identify new sponsors
  • Incorporate sponsors into learning events
  • Negotiate cash and in-kind sponsorships
  • Manage and nurture existing relationships
  • Collaborate with other Sponsorship Chairs
  • Promote and support the Global and regional partners (where applicable)
  • Liaison to local, regional and global boards
  • Participate in periodic Sponsorship Chair calls

Accelerator Chair: the Accelerator Chair is responsible for the Accelerator program in coordination with the other regional Accelerator Chair and the chapter manager. The Accelerator Chair works with a committee of Accelerator members to organise the learning days, the accountability groups, as well as the additional events and membership.

Chapter Staff: The Chapter Manager supports the board members in their individual roles remotely.
Visits monthly calls for Chapter Managers or other obligatory Global calls if needed, helps to arrange board meeting calls, and maintains the chapter data library (Samepage, Google Disk, etc). Chapter Manager works with board members directly, and is not involved in a work with board members’ staff

Chapter Manager assists

President - with:

  • Assist the chapter president on an as-needed basis to reach chapter goals
  • Coordinate and participate in monthly board meetings, strategy summits, mid-year summits
  • Assist with any emails or questions on an as-needed basis
  • Assist in updating and adhering to chapter bylaws and policies & procedures
  • Facilitate board voting
  • Make all incoming board members aware of upcoming board meetings
  • Alert incoming board members of GLC and ELC schedule
  • Keep accurate records and act as the chapter historian during board transitions
Forum chair: 
  • Assist with scheduling and coordinating Forum and moderator trainings (venue, attendance, supplies, catering, etc)
  • Coordinate with facilitator to get all necessary supplies and payment
  • Assist in getting new members Forum-trained in a timely manner as recommended by EO
  • Assist in arrangement of quarterly moderator meetings
  • Ensure that Forum placements and Forum moderators are updated in EO Hub
  • Assist with members placement in neighboring or virtual chapter trainings if they cannot attend local Forum training
Membership Chair: 
  • Email chapter members the new member welcome letter, which includes photo and bio of new member
    Obtain new member chapter approval, approve applications at the local level and submit to EO Global Membership for final approval
  • Members transferring to the chapter from other EO chapters
  • Provide new members with welcome letters, calendar of events info, and invite them to join WhatsApp Community 
  • Manage chapter membership database
  • Send new members chapter information as needed
  • Transfer members out of the chapter who have moved or plan on moving
  • First contact with prospects, arranging meetings with Membership chair, provide basic info about joining EO

Engagement Chair: 

Send a Chapter “welcome email” introducing Engagement Chair and its role, upcoming events, etc.

Learning Chair:

  • Collect contract/invoices from vendors and send to finance chair for payment
  • Create and post events on EO Hub/Website, send invitations for each learning event, follow-up with members via emails
  • Set up, coordinate and track payments from members attending the chapter event
  • On-site support for learning events including welcoming guests and making introductions
  • Following an event, send out surveys to each person attending the event; send survey results via email to the president and learning chair
Communication Chair: 
  • Understand and adhere to the EO style guide
  • Share updates from Global for social media and for the chapter newsletter
  • Keep chapter members informed through email communications, invitations, mass mailings
  • Electronic invitations for events
  • Update EO Hub/Website to keep members aware of chapter events

Strategic Alliance:

  • Follow-up on contracts between the chapter and the sponsors / collect payments as requested
  • Upload strategic alliance partner’s logos to chapter website, partner’s banners and newsletters


  • Assist in maintain attendee/guest list
  • Coordinate inviting GSEA students to Accelerator learning days
  • Collect contracts/invoices from vendors and send to finance chair for payment

Finance chair:

  • Assist with membership dues collection
  • Assist with member renewals through emails
  • Receive and track all renewal data by individual
  • Maintain accurate records for transactions on the chapter credit card
  • Submit all receipts (paper and electronic) to finance chair
  • Track and report all no-shows from events for no show charge 
  • Assist with collecting sponsorship payments
  • Provide checks, statements, expense reports, budgets to accountant

Mentorship chair:

Assist with promoting the mentorship programme through email and social media

Impact Chair:

Assist with organising annual Impact Day event and learning event in line with EO Global strategy.

Governance Chair:

Assist with updating bylaws
Enforce that EO members and the Board follow the bylaws and report to the Chair if anyone is breaking the rules and policies and can be part of the board committee that addresses breaches in the chapter 

Board – spending authority

Members of the Board are requested to gain approval from the board for any expenditure except out-of-pocket expenses incurred whilst carrying out duties wholly and exclusively for the purposes of EO UK London business. These claims should be submitted within 30 days using the EO UK London expenses spreadsheet. 

In case of any extra expenses hold by the members for the EO - such expenses have to be approved by the President and the FInance Chair 

Finance Chair shall establish an annual budget for all the events and other expenses. Learning Chair is responsible to monitor the budget for the events accurately. 

All payments shall be paid in advance shall only be covered if prior permission has been given by the Finance Chair and if a receipt is required. 
Every chair is responsible for its budget. Amounts above £1.000, must always be approved by the President and the Finance Chair in advance. 

Make and approve annual budget 
The Finance Chair sets the budget. The budget shall be established on the basis of:

  1. Previous budget 
  2. The current number of members
  3. Actual expenditures as far as available
  4. Priorities set by directors
  5. Expected foreign exchange losses 
  6. Contributions of EO-International, dollar value of the budget date 

Opening and closing fiscal year 

By way of derogation from the statutory calendar year will be the financial year of the Association in line with that of EO-International, being 1 July to 30 June. 

At the end of the financial year, an annual report to be prepared. This annual report will contain: 

  • The budget 
  • The balance sheet 
  • The profit and loss account 
  • An explanation of the Board on deviations between budget and actual expenditure 
  • Relevant Board decisions 
  • A judgement of the Auditing Committee 

The annual financial report should be ready at least 1 week before the Special Board meeting prior to the Assembly of members.

The Board of Directors - Responsibilities

The Board makes all day to day decisions regarding the operation and expenditures of the chapter. The Board prepares the slate for future chapter leadership. The board prepares recommendations regarding dues changes and bylaws changes.
The Board of Directors ratifies, by majority vote, changes to Chapter Dues and Chapter Bylaws.
The decision to terminate a Chapter Staff member's employment and appoint a replacement is subject to ratification by the Board of Directors through a majority vote.

The Board - Legacy

It is important that each chair has an elect by December of the year preceding when the July when then the board member will roll off. This is to ensure a steady handover where the chair elect will shadow the chair and become accustomed to the strategic plans and the functioning of the board.

Board & Board Meetings

Board meetings shall be held monthly or as directed by the President and scheduled in advance for the entire year during the annual Strategic Planning session.
Board meetings – F2F meetings and calls take place according to a at the beginning of the year set by the Board on schedule. Chapter Administrator sends all Board members a google-invite for the meetings. 

The president proposes the agenda on every meeting / call – typically consists of a short and concise update per chair and, if required, an additional agenda item – and communicates this to Chapter Administrator. Chapter Administrator provides all Board members of dial-up information, latest version of the goals-action list and agenda items. 
The President leads the meetings / calls and take the voting on the decisions to be taken.

Special Board meetings 

There are two special board meetings: 
1. the last Board meeting 
2. the Board meeting prior to the Assembly of members. 
The differences with regular Board meetings are as follows. 
Special Board meeting 1 is an ordinary Board meeting but must in any case as agenda items: 
• Adoption of the annual budget of the next fiscal year 
• Adoption of the annual membership fee of the next fiscal year 
• Setting the registration fee of the next fiscal year 
The Board is required the results of these agenda items within 2 weeks after the meeting to all members of the Association. 
Special Board meeting 2 is held a short time before the annual meeting, at least not shorter than 2 weeks earlier. Place, time and agenda with the pieces by the President at least one week in advance to all Board members. For this meeting, all new Board members who will take office during the annual meeting, to be invited. In this meeting, the following topics to be discussed: 
• Adopted by Board of annual report 
• Mission and objectives of the new Board 
• Adoption program of events 
• Board elect 

Meeting Attendance

Board members are expected to attend monthly meetings. In the event any Board Member is absent from three (3) or more required meetings during the Fiscal Year, the Board can remove a Board Member from their position at the suggestion of the President and with a majority vote of the Board.

In the event a Board Member is unable to adequately perform the duties of their position during their term, the Board can remove a Board Member from their position at the suggestion of the President and with a majority vote of the Board. The Board member will be notified of the problem and given 30 days to remedy the situation before the vote is taken.

If a Board Member is removed from the Board, the President may designate another Chapter Member to that Board Position for the remainder of the term.

Voting procedure

Board members are the only voting members. A quorum attendance must be present to vote on any and all decisions brought to the Board. The EO UK - London Chapter defines a Quorum as a minimum of 2/3 attendance of the Board.
Global Leadership Conference (GLC)
Each spring, EO Global hosts the Global Leadership Conference, a venue for incoming Board members to learn about their roles as an EO Board member. The incoming Board members (President, Finance, Forum, Mentorship and Learning Chair) are required to attend GLC. The President may select 2 additional Board members from the incoming Board to attend GLC also. The EO UK - London Chapter funds the travel expenses for up to six Board members to attend GLC according to the annual budget. Additional members may attend at their own expense.

Strategic Planning Meeting

Prior to the beginning of each year, the incoming Board will engage in strategic planning for the coming year. The format and structure of this process will be determined by the incoming President and may include an offsite retreat. The first segment of strategic planning should involve both the current Board and the incoming Board of Directors to ensure that best practices and lessons learned are carried forward from year to year. Optionally, an external facilitator may be engaged to lead the strategic planning process.

Board Election Policy

The EO UK - London Chapter relies on the participation and leadership of its members to ensure its growth and operation. The election process is designed to identify motivated, capable volunteers who will represent our members well and who will make the commitments needed to effectively lead the EO UK - London Chapter. In order to form a well-managed succession plan, EO UK - London’s President-Elect is selected 18 months before his/her term as president.
President-Elect Qualifications
The President-elect must have served at least six months on the Board prior to serving as President-Elect. Although not required, President-Elect candidates should have attended Global University to fully appreciate the scope of EO’s offerings.

Election Process

On December 1st of each year, the current President will request personal Chapter Vision Statement and Operational Plan from candidates for President-elect (who would serve as president in 18 months).
On January 15th of each year, all eligible and interested candidates for President-elect submit their personal Chapter Vision Statement and Operational Plan to the current President.
By January 31st of each year, the President will distribute copies of each President-elect candidate’s personal Chapter Vision Statement to the current Board who shall select the next President-Elect.
By February 15th the President-elect just selected, the current president, the current president-elect (who shall take office in 5 months as president) and the past president shall assemble a slate for the other Board positions and Board Champions.
By February 28th the slate shall be circulated to the general membership via email for their approval.
Alternate methods:
Any member who collects 33% of the chapter membership’s signatures may present him/herself as an alternate choice to any position on the slate. All signatures must be collected and submitted by January 31.
Nominated by current President and approved by Board and ratified at the AGM.


Where the incoming president will present his board, his candidacy will be voted by the membership either by the show of hands by the present members of the AGM and via the electronic voting for those, who are absent. If anybody has any comments, questions they should direct those to the board during AGM or at any time throught the EO year.

Board Term Limits

Members may serve up to 4 consecutive one-year terms. No board member shall hold the same role for more than 2 years.

Revision of the Bylaws

The Bylaws contained herein may be revised at any time and approved by a majority of the Board of Directors (Board and Board Champions).

Chapter Bylaw Violations

Violating the Chapter Bylaws will have the following consequences:
1st Violation: A warning letter will be sent to the offending member, who will inform the member of the violation and detail the remedy required to continue membership with the EO UK - London Chapter. Depending on the severity of the violation, this step may be omitted.
2nd Violation: Cancellation of membership within EO UK London Chapter. At the discretion of the Board of Directors of the London Chapter, a partial refund of membership dues may be offered or denied by the EO UK - London Chapter and EO Global.
It is the role of the board to act as stewards and custodians of the EO core values and to protect the chapter.

Bylaws Agreement

I have read the EO UK - London Chapter Bylaws and I agree to follow all of the rules stated in this agreement wholeheartedly. I also agree to be held to account in the manner detailed above for any rule breaches or if acting in a manner unbecoming to the Entrepreneurs Organisation

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