On this episode, Charlotte chats to ex EO-London president Pajani Singha; the Co-Founder of Amazonia Impact Ventures - a company that invests and works with Indigenous organisations and communities in the Amazon to tackle deforestation and address climate change.

Discover the early impacts the leaders in Pajani's family had on his own entrepreneurial journey, as well as how he developed his BHAGs, how he stays motivated, and how he ensures his team stay motivated too.


Sid Jashnani

Sid started his entrepreneurial journey in 2005 after finishing Uni, when he moved to India to start a business in children's furniture and clothing. He had no idea about the market but it was a huge learning curve. He wanted to get away from the trappings of a 9-5, but soon realised entrepreneurship was a 24-hour job!

Hear an honest account of Sid's epic route into entrepreneurship in our latest podcast, and be inspired by his determination and drive.

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GSEA London Winner Patricia Garcia

Join us for a fascinating sit-down chat with Patricia Garcia; the winner of the GSEA London Student Entrepreneur Awards. 2024! Discover how Patricia began her entrepreneurial journey as a university student when she spotted a gap in the market whilst in student halls, and how this led to her becoming an award-winning entrepreneur. Additionally, find out why Patricia believes there is much more to come…


James Burchell

James Burchell is a much admired member of EO London, the co-founder of Tellon Capital, and joining Charlotte in this week's EO London podcast! During this captivating walk down memory lane, James delves into how he began as an entrepreneur, as well as his challenges and successes along the way. Discover the journey of a much-respected entrepreneur, and pick up advice and tips as you go. Listen today.

James Burchell

Jane Hales

In this discussion, Jane opens up about navigating the exit of her business, as well as the ripple effect that her EO experience has had on her family. We celebrate Jane's extraordinary journey from EOA to graduation to EO, before joining the Board! EO has become such a key part of both her professional and personal life, that her husband became leader of the Life Partner Forum! It's been one incredible and inspiring journey for her and her family - congratulations Jane and thank you for sharing!

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Firdaus Nagree

Charlotte Johnson discusses with Firdaus Nagree, about resilience in the face of guaranteed failure. How to cope with more failures than successes as an entrepreneur. 

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Michael Korn

Charlotte Johnson speaks to Michael Korn, on how he navigated through exponential growth during the COVID-19 pandemic and how EO London supported him. Michael also happens to be neurodivergent, and he'll share with us how embracing his unique abilities has been a superpower in his journey.

Michael Korn