Chapter in the North

EO's global peer-to-peer network of 14,000+ members is the world's most influential community of entrepreneurs.

Having grown to 80 business owners in London, we aim to launch a new chapter in the North.

Many entrepreneurs think they have to do it alone. But what if you could tap into a community of entrepreneurs here in the North, a group that offered education, coaching, accountability, and confidentiality. A forum of growth-oriented, successful business owners that can help with blind-spots and share experiences?

EO North could be that group for you.

There's an extensive screening process, and you do have to qualify, but if you don't have a forum of people that you meet with every month, who challenge you, level you up, hold you accountable, can see your blind spots and, in their presence, become better - you've found one today.

We are currently recruiting members to start groups in the North as we see this as a real opportunity to help our country bounce back and take advantage of the new environment outside the EU.

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John Busby
EO London President (2019 - 2021)


To qualify

Be the founder, co-founder, owner or controlling shareholder of a company.



Be the founder and hold one of the above titles for a company that grosses more than US$1 million annually


preferential EO North Rates

As we move to launch there are preferential rates for founder members for the Northern chapter (year one).


venture-backed companies

For venture-backed companies to qualify for membership they must have privately raised funds of US$2M or publicly raised funds of US$5M, and 10 full-time employees. Venture-backed companies have three years before they must meet the standard qualification of US$1M in gross annual revenue


EO North Event

Once we have indications of interest (please sign up below) we will organise an event to launch the chapter.

Let us know you are interested

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