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EO Membership

Many entrepreneurs think they have to do it alone. But what if it didn’t have to be that way?

What if you could tap into a community of entrepreneurs, a group that offered coaching, accountability, confidentiality and vetting of all members? A group of like-minded, growth-oriented, successful business owners who share experiences rather than give advice.

The Entrepreneurs" Organization (EO) could be that group. New members join chapters - this is EO London. We’re over 100 business owners in and around London annexed to over 16,000 business owners around the globe.

If you don’t have people around you who understand your experience, level you up, hold you accountable, and help reveal your blind spots, find them today. Join the largest peer-to-peer network of entrepreneurs in the world.

At EO London, we value difference and recognise the depth and colour it brings to our lives and our organisation.

  • We encourage people with different beliefs, abilities, backgrounds and life experiences to join our organisation
  • We are curious and seek to understand each other's opinions and views without judgement
  • We trust and respect each member to shine and do not accept discrimination, harassment, or bullying
  • We are committed to making all members feel included and welcome


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Together We Grow

Member Benefits

Value is shared in myriad ways by over 16,000 members.

The diversity and depth of EO make it hard to surmise, but in the view of many members, the top three value creators are:

    Forum fosters peer-to-peer sharing between members in a trusted and confidential environment. It offers a format where you can address the complex intersections between your business, personal life and community engagement to achieve fulfilment in all your endeavours.

    Entrepreneurs who help create an enhanced local, regional or global experience are rewarded with leadership development and executive education programmes designed to make them leaders among leaders. Members are actively involved in the leadership and stewardship of the entire organisation, including local committees, board positions, regional councils, and global advisory task forces. Even our Global Board of Directors is comprised entirely of members.

    EO brings the world's leading speakers and visionaries to your doorstep. Once you've joined a chapter, you will be invited to a series of local and regional events designed to cover a broad array of topics in varying formats and venues. And learn from today's leading business minds at global events, where you can network with like-minded peers while enjoying once-in-a-lifetime experiences in unique destinations.
EO Unlimited 2020 was finally held in Santorini in 2022

More Benefits

MyEO is often described as a gym, not a spa. The more you get involved, the more you get out of it.

  • MYEO
    MyEO is the only entrepreneur programme that allows EO Members to curate a tailor-made experience around their specific interests and passions by creating MyEO Groups and Events so they may get the exact experience they value

    EO Unlimited is the top regional EO event that brings together CEOs and entrepreneurs worldwide for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

    At the core of EO's mission is an unrelenting commitment to helping entrepreneurs learn and grow personally and professionally by partnering with institutions like Harvard and LBS.

    EO Mentorship is a chapter-driven program for EO designed to help them learn and grow as business owners.
Jeremy Knight - Membership Chair

Membership Criteria

Thank you for your interest in joining the Entrepreneurs’ Organisation, the world’s most influential community of entrepreneurs.

Members of EO must be the owner, founder or majority stakeholder of a business earning a minimum of US$1M in revenue during the most recent fiscal year. Venture-backed companies must have either privately-raised funds of at least US$2M or publicly-raised funds of US$5M, and a minimum of 10 employees.

Once accepted into EO, you will gain access to Forum training and meetings, chapter and global events, and a wide variety of exclusive benefits. 

Member Fees & Joining

Members pay both Local and Global dues in one annual membership payment, paid before the start of each fiscal year, on the 1st July. Total membership dues are £3,400 including VAT annually. Dues for new members are based on a monthly pro-rated schedule. New members pay a one-time initiation fee of £3,200 including VAT in addition to membership dues.

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