The meaning of Christmas (party)

Written by Entrepreneurs' Organization  |  10, December, 2018  |  0 Comments

At our annual company seasonal get together, I realise more than ever the importance of making sure that you put on a great show for the team. Not only will they let you know that they appreciate it, but there also might be some unexpected results that give you a (hopefully pleasant) insight into their characters.

Following our holiday party (which we had in November) and with a clearer head, a few thoughts:

Having the party in November was an unexpected masterstroke

Show your team that you love them by making your event first before Christmas party apathy sets in. You’ll get the best reaction and it’s a great way to kick off December.

Don’t skimp on the quality of the restaurant and food. They’re giving you the best years of their lives – give them the best food and wine you can afford, and somewhere that you would spend your own money. And keep your credit card behind the bar too!

Deliver some good news before and during the festivities

November was a great month for us, and the party day of the 30th especially so, with 2 new deals and several client growth expansions being signed off during the afternoon’s festivities. We also launched our 3 Year Vision at noon on the party day with a glass of something fizzy to set the tone for the day. It’s what everyone wanted to talk about during the evening and as we know, if you write it down and share it it always comes true!

Book some live music

I completely underestimated the power of booking a live band and the bonding effect that a sing along can have on the team. Not anymore!

Getting your team to sing from the same sheet (literally) delivers amazing results! Get ready for a feel-good company moment.

Secret Santa delivers for the creatives

Everyone was stunned when a team member got a mini break to Oslo as his secret Santa present! The most creative use of a £20 budget ever – inclusive of 99p Ryanair flights and Hostelworld bunks!

Even Santa’s sleigh needed some repairs

When one of the musicians from our live act came back into the party after finishing her set and told us that her car had a flat tyre I was blown away to look out and see 2 of our team jacking up the car in their togs and replacing it for her. Given it was 11pm and the party was in full swing, this single act of unselfishness by two Arkk Solutions culture legends lifted the heart. Well done guys!

Roll on the Summer Party!


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