Solid is EO London's Strategic Partner

Already have an IT Partner? Keep them! They will maintain administrative control over everything & continue to provide your support. We’ll simply provide a lower yearly cost (and an independent cyber security assessment for you to discuss with them). To take advantage of the offer for UK/EU M365 Subscriptions, e-mail with EO Microsoft Discount in the subject.

Offer to EO London Members: 8% discount on Microsoft 365 Subscriptions with more than 20 seats + Complimentary Solid Security Assessment for Microsoft 365 worth £750.

Our Solid Security Assessment for Microsoft 365 includes an independent review and E-mail and Collaboration Security: We make sure your team's communication and shared workspaces are safe from threats. Think of it as a security guard for your online conversations and projects.

  • End Point Security: This is about protecting the devices that connect to your business network, like laptops and mobile phones.
  • Identity Security (Identity Management): This is like your business's digital bouncer. It checks the credentials of everyone who tries to access your business data, ensuring only authorized individuals can get in. It's a way of making sure that only the people you trust have the keys to your digital kingdom.
  • Information Compliance and Protection: We help your business meet important rules and regulations, and protect sensitive information from being leaked or stolen. Think of it as a safety box for your most important business data.